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CYCLESURE. Recommended by RaceSpace.

RaceSpace - The Ultimate Athlete’s App 

RaceSpace, your one-stop, app-based race calendar, has been revolutionizing the way athletes discover and participate in sporting events. From cycling to trail running, triathlons and adventure racing, RaceSpace brings the “what, when, and where” of racing to your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or a weekend warrior, RaceSpace ensures you never miss a race!

With the RaceSpace community growing rapidly, we’ve recognised the need to bring more value to our athlete app users. The wide variety of sporting products and services available online can make it challenging for athletes to select their ideal match in any given field, so RaceSpace is reducing this risk by recommending tried and tested companies.

RaceSpace Recommends CycleSure!

Infinite cover & dedication.

For over 25 years, Cyclesure has been serving the cycling community with service levels that rate amongst the best in the insurance industry.

What sets Cyclesure apart from other insurance providers is their 24-hour claim settlement dynamic.  95% of all their claims are settled in just 24 hours as it is their goal to get clients back on their bicycles, be it for a race or to continue with a training programme.


Cyclesure offers a niche product to all cycling enthusiasts and does not limit this offering to an elite group only. Cyclesure welcomes cyclists from ‘all rides of life’ to experience their outstanding benefits and products on offer.

Why the Partnership Matters

As a bunch of avid cyclists ourselves, we know that choosing the right insurance partner is crucial for every cyclist. Let's be honest, we value our bikes more than most things in life! That’s why RaceSpace has handpicked CycleSure as our recommended partner for bicycle insurance. Below are some of the key aspects we looked at when making this decision. 

Tailored Coverage: CycleSure understands the diverse needs of cyclists. Whether you’re a joy rider, a cycle addict, or a speed freak, they offer customized coverage to match your passion and commitment. Their product offering is so extensive that we will publish a detailed separate article on their various products! 

All-Risk Protection: CycleSure covers you against all risks, whether you are based in South Africa or traveling abroad. Additionally, their ER24 Sweat Safe essential medical protection offers you a hassle free solution for private medical assistance.  So, whether you’re cruising the scenic Cape Winelands or tackling rugged mountain trails, CycleSure has your back.

Peace of Mind: With CycleSure, you can focus on the thrill of the ride, knowing that your investment is secure. From accidental damage to theft and hijacking, they’ve got you covered.

Responsive Service: 95% of all CycleSure claims are settled in just 24 hours. This is the most significant point, as this is what bicycle insurance is all about - getting you back on your bike as soon as possible, hassle free!

Get Rolling with Confidence

RaceSpace and CycleSure invite every South African cyclist to pedal with confidence. Whether you’re chasing podiums or simply enjoying the wind in your hair, this partnership ensures that your wheels keep turning, worry-free.

So next time you gear up for a race, training ride or even a casual commute, remember: RaceSpace recommends CycleSure - your trusted partner for bicycle insurance. Because every ride deserves the best protection...

Get a quote from CycleSure today and ride on, knowing that your passion is safeguarded... enjoy the ride!

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. Please refer to the official website of CycleSure for detailed policy information and terms.

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