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The Sabie Xperience 2024!

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Sabie as the highly anticipated Sabie Xperience 2024 draws near. Set against the backdrop of South Africa's legendary mountain biking destination, this annual event promises three days of exhilarating trails, camaraderie, and adventure. From May 2nd to May 4th, 2024, cyclists from across the country will converge to test their skills and push their limits in one of the country's original mountain bike stage races. Join us as we delve into the heart of this iconic event, where adrenaline meets natural beauty, and unforgettable memories await around every corner.


Established in 2004, the Sabie Xperience stands as one of the oldest stage races in the country. Originally spanning four days in December, the event shifted to late April/early May to avoid the summer rains.


Just a 4-hour drive from Joburg and Pretoria, Sabie stands as a legendary mountain biking destination in South Africa. Renowned for its expansive trails network, the 2024 Sabie Xperience boasts some of the finest riding opportunities in the country, ensuring an exceptional experience for all participants.


The Sabie Xperience 2024 isn't just a race; it's a celebration of family, community, and the love of mountain biking. Catering to riders of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, this event offers something for everyone. Whether you're seeking a weekend breakaway with your loved ones or aiming to tackle the trails with serious determination, Sabie Xperience provides the perfect opportunity to indulge your passion for mountain biking amidst the stunning scenery of Sabie. With its family-oriented atmosphere and diverse range of race categories, it's an ideal destination for those looking to create lasting memories and experience the thrill of adventure together. 


The race caters to riders of all levels, with various categories to accommodate different preferences:


- Team Challenge: A 3-day, 165km, 3830m elevation ride for two riders. Categories include Open Men (19-29), Sub-Vet Men (30-39), Master Men (50+), Open Women (19+), and Mixed (19+).

- Solo Challenge: A 3-day, 165km, 3830m elevation ride for solo riders, with categories for both men and women.

- Team Lite: A 3-day, 120km, 2450m elevation ride for two riders, featuring categories for men, women, and mixed teams.

- Solo Lite: A 3-day, 120km, 2450m elevation ride for solo riders, with categories for both men and women.


Embracing the essence of small-town hospitality, The Sabie Xperience ditches the tented village setup, urging participants to explore accommodation options within the town. Sabie offers lodging to suit every budget, ranging from campsites to luxurious resorts. Your entry includes daily lunch from local vendors, a sponsored finishing drink from KWV or aQuellé, daily bike wash services, as well as Senqu or Enjoy Cycling Jerseys apparel and Sox in each entrant’s goodie bag.

A mountain biker riding over a hanging bridge

Furthermore, there will be a market offering a variety of goods, food, and drinks, along with a kids' day-care option and Kiddies Races on days 2 and 3. Live entertainment will be provided daily for families attending the event. To conclude Saturday night, we'll host the "Harmony in the Woods Concert," featuring performances by Bad Peter and Jon Delinger.

A female mountain biker finishes the Sabie Xtreme bike race

So with all this said, are you up for an Xperience that guarantees "the MOST FUN you will ever have on an MTB!" ?

Entries close on the 22nd of April so make sure to enter to be part of the XPERIENCE!

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