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Welcome to RaceSpace

Welcome to RaceSpace - your one-stop race calendar app for a wide variety of South African sporting events. From cycling, running and swimming to triathlon, OCR and adventure racing, we bring the what, when and where of racing to your fingertips! All you need to bring is your racing game - your “why”…

Everyone’s “why” for racing is different, which is what makes racing so attractive. The field of competitors in any given event ranges from elite racing-snakes with prize money goals, to age-group podium contenders, self-competitive midpack participants, and clock-racing back markers. Without this full array of athletes from all walks of life, a race wouldn’t be a race.

Whether your goal is to give direction to your daily training, raise money for charity, improve your quality of life and wellbeing, to lose or maintain weight, to spend time outdoors with friends, to see amazing wild places, to fight an addiction, or to perform to the very best of your ability, there is a race out there for you… And our goal is to help you find it!

The RaceSpace Team aims to bring you the most comprehensive race calendar available in SA, in order for you to choose and enter the races that best match your “why”, with a calendar view of your racing year ahead. Our search engine is optimised for you to filter for your preferred discipline, distance, format and location, and we endeavour to list every verified South African sporting event on our free-of-charge, user-friendly mobile application.

We want RaceSpace to encourage, inspire and empower as many individuals as possible. So join us on this journey by choosing RaceSpace to find, favourite and enter all your 2023 events. Connect with friends, share your RaceSpace calendar and bucket list with fellow athletes, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply connect with us. Our team members are all part of the South African athletic community and love to hear about new events, race date changes or even just weekend warrior war stories!

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Feb 09, 2023

What a fantastic concept! I'll definitely be sharing the RaceSpace app with all my friends.

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